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  • May 02, 2024 8:54 PM | Anonymous

    The Alhambra Chamber Government Affairs Committee met Thursday, April 25, where legislative representatives and local water agencies gave updates and the committee discussed possible endorsements of upcoming state legislation.

    The Chamber board voted to support the California Retail Theft Reduction Act (AB 2943), which was discussed in the last government affairs committee meeting. In the Assembly, the bill passed the public safety committee unanimously and is now in appropriations, which will have a decision by mid-late May.

    The committee voted to oppose SB 1272, a bill that would allow gift cards and certificates to be exchanged for cash at businesses if the value is $25 or less. Previously, the limit was $10. Committee members expressed this would have an adverse impact on small businesses who would need to keep cash on hand and be less incentivized to sell gift cards.

    The committee decided to monitor SB 1490, a bill authored by Senator Maria Elena Durazo that would require food delivery platforms like Doordash and Grubhub to provide more transparency to consumers through disclosing fees and commissions charged to the restaurant and give restaurants a way to remove themselves from platforms. Committee members expressed interest in scheduling a meeting with legislative aides from Durazo’s office to talk more about the bill, which was recently amended.

    The committee voted to support SB 1330, a bill that would give local water retailers more time and flexibility to comply with water conservation regulations from the State Water Control Board. The regulations are intended to implement laws passed in 2018 to require urban retail water suppliers to reduce water use in residential and commercial sectors. The representative from MWD said their smaller member agencies are in support of the bill, as it would give them more time to communicate with and educate the public.

    The committee voted to oppose SB 1116, a bill that would restore eligibility for unemployment benefits for employees that left work due to a trade dispute after two weeks. It would also ensure that employees who left work due to a lockout by the employer would also maintain eligibility for benefits.

    The committee voted to remain neutral on AB 2262, a bill aimed to increase procurement opportunities for small businesses. The bill would require the Office of Small Business Advocate to collaborate with local agencies to develop and implement local strategies to increase small business participation in local procurement opportunities.

  • May 02, 2024 8:52 PM | Anonymous

    The Alhambra Chamber Government Affairs Committee met Thursday, March 28, where legislative representatives gave updates and the committee discussed possible endorsements of upcoming state legislation. 

    A representative from Assemblymember Mike Fong’s office announced the Young Leaders Program, a free two-week summer learning experience for high school students to learn about the legislative process and local issues impacting the community, as well as to develop professional skills, such as networking and resume-building. Applications are due April 14.

    The office will be accepting nominations for the Outstanding Educators Awards later in May. It will also be hosting an emergency preparedness workshop with the Asian Youth Center in June in Monterey Park.

    A representative from State Senator María Elena Durazo spoke on the district’s Women of the Year honorees, which included Alhambra councilmember Adele Andrade-Stadler. They discussed upcoming events in Alhambra, including one for Earth Day on April 27. They also discussed continuing work on SB731, a bill that went into effect last July that automatically seals conviction and arrest records for most ex-offenders who are not convicted of another felony for four years after completing their sentences.

    The committee voted for the Chamber to endorse AB1390, a bill that allows child development associate teachers to renew their licenses without limitation. 

    The committee also discussed AB2943, the California Theft Reduction Act. Members of the committee discussed the impact of Prop 47 on Alhambra’s business community. (Prop 47, a ballot measure passed by voters in 2014, made some non-violent property crimes, where the value does not exceed $950, into misdemeanors). A vote was taken but no decision was made to endorse, and the executive board will consider the bill during a future meeting. The chamber will receive further information from Fong’s and Durazo’s offices about the legislation and possibly hear from the local police department about the rate of property crime in the area.

    Another bill discussed was AB2262, a bill designed to increase small businesses’ participation in local agency procurement. There was conversation over how effective this bill would be in actually helping Alhambra businesses, since very few do procurement for public agencies.

    Representatives from the Institute of Public Strategies brought up the topic of smoking in multi-family housing as a possible avenue for legislative action in Alhambra.

    The Chamber Youth and Education Services Committee, which is putting together a jobs and internship program for teens and young adults aged 16-24, presented in hopes of connecting local businesses with local youths looking for real-world work experience.

    Committee members indicated interest in getting more information about how small businesses could benefit from the upcoming Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.

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