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In order to support individual real estate professionals serving Alhambra, the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce is proposing a new, community designation to help residents and property owners distinguish who is “community-based.” This designation doesn’t require any additional fees beyond chamber membership, and those who apply and qualify would be able to promote the status and the Chamber would do the same. The criteria for this designation is established to highlight those who are actively involved in their community. The individual must show active community involvement to earn this designation, as follows:

Key Qualifying Components:

  1. Be an Alhambra Chamber Member in good standing for at least one year (qualified after one year renewal)
  2. Be active with real estate transactions for at least 24 months
  3. Have at least 5 transactions in the last 5 years - with at least one in the City of Alhambra
  4. Be an active participant on the Chamber board, regularly participate in a chamber committee, or regularly participate in Chamber programming (at least monthly)
  5. Actively serve on an Alhambra-based or Alhambra-serving nonprofit board, recognized community organization, or City commission.
  6. Submit an application verifying the above qualifying information as well as a recommendation or endorsement from at least one current Chamber Board member
  7. If the above is met, then applications must be reviewed and approved by the full Chamber Board of Directors to make the designation.

Benefits to Chamber Members with this designation:

  1. Being promoted as a “Community Real Estate Professional” on the Chamber website
  2. Being provided a special logo/badge they can use in their own promotional materials
  3. Being highlighted through a regular announcement/listing of the designation in the Around Alhambra newspaper

How does a Chamber member apply for this designation and how long does it last?

Members can apply on a rolling basis; there is no timeframe or cut-off (as long as they have been a member for at least 1 year). Once approved by the board, the member may maintain the designation as long as they maintain the qualifying criteria and the program is still active. The criteria may be updated by the board at their discretion, and members with the designation would have to meet any new requirements. Every year at the time of membership renewal, the board will ensure that qualifications are still being met. The Board may ask staff to randomly check throughout the year, as well as upon request from another member.


This designation does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of services by the program designees. The Alhambra Chamber has established this program as a promotional tool and does not create any promises of services, as is the case with any of our members.

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