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March 2024: Stress Management and Pain Relief

March 05, 2024 2:57 PM | Anonymous

This month’s resource is provided by Luna Hypnotherapy and LifeWave Photobiomodulation. 

The health habits introduced in January are the Mind-Body-Spirt connection. February focused on heart health. In March, we will help you utilize wellness techniques for today and the rest of the year.

Stress Management

The below article is from Valerie M Luna CH.t, RMT of Luna Hypnotherapy.

Let’s learn how to leave stress and pain behind and give ourselves a break this March! 

What is stress management? 

One definition is learning skills you can use to improve your ability to cope with difficult life events and make everyday functioning easier.

This could be accomplished with:

  • Spending some time in nature

  • Listening to music

  • Making time to read “that book” or listen to that audio

  • Going for a walk

  • Meeting and talking with your friends, not your phones

  • Being present to “think positively”

  • Eating as fresh and unprocessed food as possible

  • Mediation

  • Getting a good night’s sleep

What can help relieve the challenges of acute to chronic pain without drugs?

Ideas include:

  • Cold and Heat therapy

  • Exercise like Yoga and Tai Chi

  • Eating organic foods

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Physical and occupational therapy

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Tapping

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Mediation and breath work

How do stress and pain affect your brain and your body?

Stress and pain are our body’s response to a perceived threat, i.e., the “fight, flight, freeze, or fawn” response. This response is essential to our survival. When we are stressed with anxiety or pain, up to 70% of the blood drains from our frontal lobes to our peripheral muscles. Our body’s reaction is an increased production of adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormone). Chronic pain and stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body, putting your health at risk.

One modality that has the power to encompass relief for both stress and pain is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), aka Tapping. Tapping helps with anxiety, sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and pain relief by calming our survival of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn. It is a DIY technique anyone can use anytime and anywhere. Tapping combines exposure therapy and acupuncture without needles by tapping on the medians of your body, which send a neurochemical signal to the amygdala (that part of the brain activated by fear) to relax and be calm. Tapping calms down your body’s stress response right in the moment. The moments of anxiety, depression, fear, anger, resentment, sadness and pain.

The basic Tapping technique requires you to focus on a negative emotion or pain at hand; this could be a fear, a worry, or any unresolved problem. While maintaining your mental focus on this issue, you use your fingertips to tab 5-7 times on the above-mentioned nine meridian points to the body.

How to do EFT: The Tapping points

Start on the Side of the hand, then move to:

  1. Eyebrow

  2. Side of the eye

  3. Under the eye

  4. Under the nose

  5. Chin

  6. Collarbone

  7. Under the arm

  8. Top of the head        


For the month of March, Luna Hypnotherapy is offering a free 20-minute session using Tapping.

Use code words Health & Wellness.

Services also available are Hypnosis, Imagery, and Reiki.

EFT Tapping has been an authorized treatment for war veterans with PTSD:

Pain Management

The below article is from Nickie Chan, LifeWave Brand Partner.

Stress Awareness Month has been recognized since 1992. So why is it important? It is recognized to bring attention to the negative impact of stress. We should be aware of the health consequences of stress so that we can make good choices for ourselves and our families.

LifeWave launched in 2004, and since then, LifeWave inventor David Schmidt has developed products that help people cope better with life. Some people are more easily stressed out than others due to many factors related to their past and present experiences, but no one is immune to stress. People may not think so (as it is that common), but people with low energy tend to be stressed out. They may think it is normal to be tired in the afternoon and justify their tiredness for reasons such as not sleeping well or having a busy day.

That constant feeling of being low in energy is often where it all starts to go south. LifeWave patch technology can bring immediate effects to help increase energy and reduce stress and inflammation within minutes of application. 

LifeWave Aeon Patch is clinically tested to reduce stress in the body within 10 MINUTES! Infrared imaging illustrated a decrease in inflammation. Other clinical tests demonstrated that AEON lowers C-reactive proteins (which rise in response to inflammation). This is important because inflammation is often a symptom of stress, and it can damage healthy tissue and even DNA. The result is a calm & stress-free state while balancing the autonomic Nervous System. Lower levels of stress have been shown to help combat the ravages of aging and improve cellular organ function. Did You Know? Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, including headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. In addition, 70 percent of stressed people experience lower work productivity and disruptions in their family and social lives. 

LifeWave’s IceWave phototherapy patch is specifically designed to provide relief at the source of discomfort. This patch is perfect for Whole Body and Local Pain Relief. Many people Feel Pain Relief within 10 SecondsMany people use the patches for knee, back, shoulder, ankle, neck pain, tennis elbow, leg pain, hip pain, muscle spasms, joint pain, wrist pain, nerve pain, toothache, headache, migraine, swelling, menstrual cramps, and pain associated with sports. Did You Know? Chronic pain alone affects 1.5 billion people around the world, leading to billions of dollars in health care costs and lost work productivity each year? Over $300 Billion is spent each year on pain medicine, narcotics drugs, and prescriptions that come with many Negative Side Effects and could be Addictive. ICEWAVE phototherapy patches are not drugs; they are simply acupuncture without needles for 24-hour-a-day relief! Did you know that in 2013, one of France’s leading pain management experts (Dr. Pierre Volckmann) conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study in five French hospitals? Result: A staggering 94 percent of the 100 study participants experienced pain relief within minutes of use.

For more information and patch demonstration, please get in touch with Nickie Chan, Sr. Presidential Director, at 626-616-0669.

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