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Tax Tips

By Michael Aston, E.A. Alhambra Tax Center5/28/21

Changes to Advance Child Tax Credit will help many families receive advance payments

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Options to consider when insuring your small home business

By Regina Talbot, agent5/28/21

Insurance for a home-based business might require small business insurance since your homeowners might not.

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Surprising facts about your mouth's health

By Dr. Dara Gashparova5/28/21

Gum diseases have huge impacts on our dental and general health.

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Strategies for lowering risk of getting COVID

By Sheila Yonemoto, PT5/28/21

You have a greater risk for getting COVID if you have other co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes, or other chronic illness. The more steps you take to lower your risk, the better.

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Oral bacteria found in brain clots

By Dr. John Chao5/28/21

Oral bacteria detected in brain clots.

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