The Alhambra Card

 Simply show your Alhambra Card or Official App! Purchase
Disclaimer: The Alhambra card has no face value and is not a gift card. The "$25" on the card is the cost to acquire the card.
Businesses will not treat it as a gift card nor as a payment card.
Businesses have the offers below as the exchange for showing The Alhambra Card.

Get exclusive offers from your favorite restaurants, retailers, bakeries, coffee houses, and other businesses in the Alhambra area!


Restaurants, Food, Drinks, Snacks, and others


Business, Services, Stores, Shopping, Markets, and other locations

These business are proud participants of THE ALHAMBRA CARD program supporting local schools, public safety, and the business community.
These deals may not be combined with other promotions or offers. No cash value. All rights reserved.

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