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Bill Holondak receives commendation from L.A. Mayor Eric Garrett


            After a 26 year career in the United States Marine Corp, First Sargent William “Bill” Holodnak retired in May and moved back home to Alhambra. His time in the Marines was very eventful. He was already on duty when 9-11 disturbed the world’s peace. As a result he served four tours in Iraq and four more in Afghanistan. Along the way he married Cindy, an Alhambra girl and made our city his new home.

            Bill grew up on a farm in the San Fernando Valley. One of his chores was to milk the goats. It gave him some empathy for the people of the Middle East and the rhythm of their lives. After High School he attended Pierce College in Woodland Hills. By the time he was 25, he decided he needed a change. He liked the reputation of the Marines and chose them for his military service. He enlisted as an Engineer which meant an operator of heavy equipment like bull dozers, fork lifts, earthwork graders etc.

            Mr. Holondak has received several commendation awards from the Marine Corps as well as Navy achievement awards. He was a pistol and rifle expert and received letters of appreciation from foreign militaries. Further, he was a Black Belt in the Marine Corps martial arts program and is a martial arts instructor. He served as a combat marksmanship coach and has trained Afghan military forces through MITT (Military Instructor Training Team). He also coordinated the first NATO PME (Primary Military Education) symposium for the militaries of 10 countries and has studied in the Dynamics of International Terrorism School.

Back home he has been active in community service as a coach for youth baseball and basketball and volunteering at the Veterans Administration (V.A.) and the Boy Scouts of America. As the season approaches he is helping with preparations for the Toys for Tots campaign that the Marines at Christmas time. He also coordinates with the Los Angeles Dodgers to create veteran appreciation games at which our veterans are honored.

Recently 1stSgt. Holondak was honored by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at the L.A. City Hall and received a phone call of thanks and appreciation from former President Bush. Today Mr. Holondak is busy highlighting the national and international service of the United States Marines and the sacrifices made by veterans of all branches of our increasingly important military branches.


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Nov 2021


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