Is a chipped tooth really that big of a deal?

By Dr. Dara Gashparova

Is a chipped tooth really that big of a deal? 

Teeth enamel is the strongest substance in the body. That makes our teeth unbreakable?  We wish. Teeth however have very little natural protection. The only cushion wehave are the lips and in event of falling or contacts sports our teeth are exposed.

Risk Factors

There are many external factors: from the Frisbees in the face to using our teeth as tools. 

But there are also a number of internal, dental risk factors that can make chipping a tooth more likely to happen. Consider uneven bite, premature bite points, missing teeth, grinding and clenching teeth.

So, do you have to fix a chipped tooth?”

The answer is: Yes, most of the time.  Small or big the missing tooth structure is best to be replaced. Chipping a tooth means you have lost tooth structure and tooth is more susceptible for further damage. The chipped area is an open gate for the bacteria and acids that penetrate deeper and closer to the nerve. It only takes a tiny amount of nerve to be exposed to the infections to cause a substantial pain. This is why it is so critical to see your dentist quickly after the chip occurs. The good news are that the modern dental technology now days offer a wide range of different restorative options.

How is chipped tooth repaired?


For the simplest and smallest chips in the teeth, bonding is most likely the treatment your dentist will offer. Bonding or also known as composite resin is a tooth colored material that is can be bonded to the remaining enamel and healthy tooth structure through microscopic locks. That allows the tooth and composite resin to function and look like one piece. Bonding is a great option because is affordable with relatively simple application and great natural look outcome. 

Porcelain Veneers or Crowns

If the chip is bigger and more of the tooth is lost, porcelain veneers and crownsare an excellent solution. Crowns and veneers are very similar as they're all made up of porcelain. While veneers go over the front of your chipped tooth, a crown covers the entire tooth.

They are long lasting with a very natural look and smooth feel.

Night Guard and Sport Guard

Since both contact sports and grinding your teeth can put you at high risk for tooth fractures, its best if you know how these mouthapplianceswork for you. 

While both appliances shield your teeth, they do so in different ways. A sports guard or mouth guard protects your teeth while playing contact sports. A night guard protects teeth from the impact of grinding while you sleep. While there is not a cure for the bruxism a night guard can significaly minimize the damage of grinding and clenching and associated consequences.

A chipped tooth is not always emergency. However, prompt attention is real important to avoid complications and spare yourself from the pain.


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