F.F. Gomez implements cutting edge technology

By Jorge Gomez

F.F. Gomez founder Francisco Gomez and Jorge Gomez with the custom truck they built.

San Gabriel Valley waste hauler Valley Vista Services (VVS) prides itself on supporting small and local businesses throughout the Los Angeles region. Over the 60+ years that VVS has been in business, they have made the purchasing of American-made and manufactured goods to be at the heart of their business model. This benefits local economies while independently owned businesses have the opportunity to thrive.

It’s for this reason that VVS and many other local businesses have contracted Alhambra Chamber of Commerce member F.F. Gomez, Inc., for the construction and assembly of custom manufactured refuse trucks for their growing fleets. Since 2004, VVS and Gomez have developed strong working relationships for the design and fabrication of some of the most advanced refuse trucks on the market. With over 40 years of experience in the waste management industry, F.F. Gomez has been recognized for innovative engineering and quality custom-built truck bodies. The attention to detail and commitment to safety is what VVS President Dave Perez loves most about working with Gomez. “The team at F.F. Gomez is outstanding,” Mr. Perez said. “They care about our needs as a growing company and deliver solutions that help our drivers on the front lines perform at their peak.”

Recently, F.F. Gomez designed and built a one-of-a-kind organics collection truck for the upcoming launch of VVS’s Organic Waste Recycling Program. When these trucks become operational, it will be a groundbreaking achievement for both Gomez and VVS as they implement cutting-edge technology to help take their local communities into a new era of sustainability.

Besides their passion for the waste industry and delivering the best for their customers, VVS and F.F. Gomez are bonded by their shared experience of being a multi-generational family-owned and operated business, both of which were founded by immigrant parents. Francisco F. Gomez, the founder of F.F. Gomez, immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico and has lived in Alhambra since 1973. He and his sons, Louis and Jorge, play a significant role in the day-to-day operations and work directly with customers to guarantee the excellence that F.F. Gomez is known for.

The Perez brothers, owners, and operators of Valley Vista Services are excited not only for each family’s legacy to continue, but for what this partnership means to the community of Alhambra. They hope it is just the beginning of many fruitful relationships to come in the City of Alhambra.


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Dec 2021


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