Wheels Up art exhibition coming this year

The Academy of Special Dreams and The Alhambra present Wheels Up, an inclusive art exhibition coming this year featuring original works by a diverse group of local and international artists who represent a wide spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, age, and abilities.

“This exhibition underscores the principle that the struggle for social justice that has taken root in our country must incorporate everyone in society, including people living with disabilities,” said Michael Dergar, CEO of the Academy of Special Dreams.

Featured artists are Diego Romo and Rafael Moreno, upcoming talents who are displaying their artwork for the first time in the USA.

“We give many thanks to our sponsors, friends, and family for believing in our mission of empowering artists regardless of any disabilities,” said Mr. Dergar.  

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation believes their mission includes educating society that disability is a natural part of the human experience, and people with disabilities should not be excluded from participating in society due to discrimination or bias based on perceived disabilities. They strive for the day that having a physical, intellectual, and other disability will in no way diminish the right of any individual to live independently and free of discrimination or bias, to enjoy self-determination, to pursue a meaningful career, to contribute to society, and to be part of a loving family.


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Dec 2021


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