Republic Services launches ‘Committed to Serve’ initiative to help employees, customers, communities

Over 3,000 meals have been provided by local restaurants, including Charlie’s Trio Café in Alhambra.


Republic Services has launched “Committed to Serve,” an initiative to recognize its frontline employees in the field, their families, and small business customers across the country.

Republic Services’ 28,000 frontline employees will receive a weekly meal, a weekly dinner for employees and their families, and bi-weekly $100 gift cards ($400 per employee) to be spent locally to help stimulate the economy of municipalities they provide solid waste collection services to.

All meals are being purchased from local small businesses to help support Republic Services’ customers and the communities it serves.

In the cities of Alhambra and Rosemead, Republic Services is providing meals to almost 400 employees per week. Over 3,000 meals have been provided by local restaurants, including Charlie’s Trio Café in the City of Alhambra and Di Pilla’s Italian Restaurant in the City of Rosemead.

“Small businesses are often hit the hardest during times of uncertainty,” said Francella Aguilar, Municipal Relationship manager with Republic Services. “The ‘Committed to Serve’ initiative is a gesture of support for both our employees and our local small businesses, whom are also our customers. The reaction from small business owners and employees has been pure appreciation. Additionally, our employees feel a sense of pride being able to give back to the local communities we are committed to serve.”

For more information, visit RepublicServices.com/CommittedToServe, and join the social conversation by using #CommittedToServe.


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Mar 2021


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