Doing business with Asia: The future is now

By Julie Carlson

Chris Lo, director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in Los Angeles.

The annual event is "to attract more overseas companies to use Hong Kong's service platform to tap into the Asian market."

It will feature a main symposium, a high-level dinner, and thematic breakout sessions and showcase science and technology start-ups from Hong Kong at the InnoVenture Salon. "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" is free to the public.

"The whole idea will bring around 100 delegates from Hong Kong representing a wide spectrum of business sectors from Hong Kong," said Chris Lo, director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in Los Angeles. "There will be corporate CEO's, venture capitalists, and 15 – 20 startups ranging in innovative solutions from Hong Kong who have potential to expand here in Los Angeles. We also have a team of professional service experts representing consultants and tax experts, who are very experienced in dealing with cross-border trade and investments. They all come in turn to share about the opportunities in Asia and trends in the market and have individual dialogues with counterparts here in the LA region. For the whole-day event, we expect about 1,500 participants to attend."

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council was founded in 1966 and has 50 offices globally including 13 in Mainland China. Hong Kong is Asia's largest financial trade and global marketplace. The council organizes events, conferences, and exhibitions so businesses, both small and large, can meet with each other, while providing insight into the current trends, news, and product information. The council’s Los Angeles office, established for more than 40 years, takes care of the 14 states within the West Coast region. Events are conducted across the globe, from Japan to France to Los Angeles.

"Our mission is to facilitate a two-way trade investment between the U.S. and Hong Kong," said Mr. Lo. "We actually started the campaign back in 2010. Every year we pick a very important business partner of Hong Kong to host this event."

This year, the council selected Los Angeles. The morning of "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" is more of a macro overview about Asia's economy—how the development and trends are similar or different here and in Asia. The breakout sessions focus on various topics, such as health innovation, practical tips of doing business in Asia, IP protection, and digital entertainment. Throughout the day, business matching meetings can be arranged.

As for the current discontent and protests in Hong Kong, Mr. Lo expressed that the region has very strong fundamentals as a global leading city of financial services and as a hub for trading.

"Hong Kong has experienced a lot of crisis over the years," he said. "Every time we can set up again. We are resilient. We would love the spirit of international trade to be striving. It would also be important for those from Hong Kong flying over to share updated information. Tell my friends, personally, this is exactly the illustration of the importance of freedom of expression."

There are close to 100 partners supporting Think Asia, Think Hong. Mr. Lo and his team hope this will be just one of the many events that can help the local communities join forces and work together.

"I'm still quite new here to L.A.," Mr. Lo said. "It's been two years since I arrived, but I recognize there is a strong Asian American community here, particularly in Los Angeles. Though I have a feeling that a lot of our population has been living here for a long time, some may know a little bit about the Asian market but may not be as familiar as I imagine from the beginning. We have a very blessed domestic market here, and many companies focus a lot within the U.S. There are a lot of profitable projects going, but I think for those companies who are ready to expand, scale to the next level, Asia is where they should start looking. It would be especially useful for a company in the Alhambra region to take part in the event to learn more and network.”

Registration confirmation is required for complimentary attendance at www.thinkasiathinkhk.com/2019.


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Jul 2021


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