Art leads to respect, appreciation of all communities

Michael Dergar leads a conference about inclusion and art.

Impressionist artist Michael Dergar, whose mission as an artist and founder of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is to help make a more inclusive society in the world, recently accepted an invitation to collaborate with Erica Bernal, Voluntariado El CRRI Mazatlan, on their first-ever conference about inclusion and art in Mazatlan.

At the conference, Mr. Dergar, who is originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, talked about social acceptance, understanding disabilities, equality in society, and the importance of how art takes part in helping those with disabilities communicate, address problems, and express themselves.  

“I started the conference off with the question, ‘Do you understand what the word inclusion means?’” he said. “Many people did not know how to answer but were very willing to learn.”

“I am grateful to the Mazatlan Sinaloa media for offering open arms to my work as an artist and of course my mission of inclusion,” he added. “I thank my friend Elsa Uribe, Érica Bernal, and C Sinaloa and the presidents from DIF Mazatlán and DIF Sinaloa for understanding that inclusion is the path for a better world of equality and acceptance!”


Michael DergarAcademy of Special Dreams FoundationErica BernalVoluntariado El CRRI Mazatlan

Mar 2021


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