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Allstate licensed producers at Premier Insurance Group, Inc./Allstate Agency, from left, Jacob Chen, Erika Rodriguez, Pauline Lau, owner Valentina Alek, Nansy Renteria, and Emanuel Rodriguez.

Premier Insurance Group, Inc./Allstate Agency opened its doors in Alhambra in August to provide services and assistance to customers.

Valentina Alek, the California Insurance licensed owner, has more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry working as a receptionist, executive assistant, insurance technician, and manager of sales agents. With a family of her own, she understands how valuable insurance coverage is in protecting her family and assets. She worked toward receiving her licenses to pursue greater opportunities and to expand her experiences.

Ms. Alek started as a sales agent with Allstate six years ago, and her skills and passion in helping others led her to establish her own Allstate location.

“The Alhambra location was chosen by chance,” she said. “We researched the city’s demographics, and we found that Alhambra is a perfect location for us.” Ms. Alek and her Allstate team are dedicated to providing the greatest assistance and support for their clients and communities.

Allstate offers A through Z services and policies such as auto, home, business, life, retirement, employee supplemental, and health insurance policies and products for families and individuals. Allstate’s slogan, “You’re in good hands,” guarantees their customers receive excellent quality of service and care. Ms. Alek and her staff believe that personal interaction and communication with their customers are important to keeping a relationship. Customers can get a quote online or walk in to the Allstate Agency office for a more personal engagement with an agent.

“Many customers are unaware and are not knowledgeable about insurance policies and how valuable they can be,” Ms. Alek said. “Our agents and staff are glad to answer and assist with questions about insurance coverages and policies.”

With compassion, Allstate provides the proper guidance to ensure their clients receive excellent customer service while minimizing the cost for coverage.

“We want our customers to feel comfortable and trust us,” Ms. Alek explained. “It is not just about selling insurance, we want to be trusted advisers to our clients. A successful agency is based on referrals. The best compliment is a referral.”

Helping with the community is also their goal. Allstate has been involved in giving back to communities and offers their helping hands to local charities and organizations. They want to make a difference in the community by giving their time, money, and support to strengthen communities.

Ms. Alek can be contacted at valentina.alek@allstate.com for questions about insurance policies. Her office is located at 1127 S. Fremont Ave, Suite C-MB #12, Alhambra 91803.


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Nov 2021


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