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Even if a business meets local and state standards for accessibility to disabled and physically handicapped customers, federal law has specific additional standards that make businesses vulnerable to legal action if not in compliance.

Accessolution LLC, a local business and Chamber member, can advise clients how to comply with all standards and avoid additional expensive litigation. Accessolution was founded by Yung Kao and Alexander Lee. Together they have more than 40 years of experience in ADA compliance, more than 20 years of ADA inspections, and more than 50 years of experience in design and construction.

"All places of public accommodation must be compliant with both Federal Accessibility laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act or UFAS, and any local or state building code at the time of permit,” Mr. Lee said.

“We go to a business and do a thorough accessibility assessment and give the customer a report and a certificate."

Accessolution addresses its services to four types of customers:

1. Businesses that have been sued and need to answer the claims and complaints. This is the worst situation after the opportunities for compliance were missed. Not only does a business have to pay legal fees, they often also have to pay for items previously purchased.

2. Businesses in the process of getting a permit and wanting expertise in ADA compliance, to do it right and avoid the expenses of been sued.

3. Businesses unaware of the laws and afraid of being sued.

4. Businesses negotiating the purchase of property for which a report is a requirement for sale or lease.

For each situation, Accessolution LLC offers solutions with the goal of getting the customer site compliant and certified.

For further details, e-mail alex@accessolutionllc.com, or phone 866-982-3212


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Jul 2021


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