Performing Arts Center presents Inesita, Arte Flamenco

Alhambra Performing Arts Center (APAC), under the direction of Chef and Artistic Director Bill Yee, presents internationally acclaimed Spanish dancer Inesita and her Flamenco Ensemble Arte Flamenco at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at Sage Granada Park United Methodist Church, 1850 W. Hellman Ave. Alhambra.

UNESCO has declared flamenco to be an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity.” Inesita’s presentation of flamenco (Cante Jondo) embodies this idea because of the universality of flamenco’s musical structure. An expression of the people, it carries a message of the life force in its driving rhythms (compas) and tensions.

The performance will feature Miguel Bernal, brilliant dancer and singer; Clarita, charismatic singer and dancer; as well as exciting numbers by flamenco dancers La Nubia and Maya de Silva and the solid guitar collaboration of Stamen Wetzel and Benjamin.

Inesita is a Spanish dance artist who has performed in all-solo concerts internationally including Madrid; London; Liverpool; Paris; New York City; Mexico City; and Valletta, Malta. American tours have taken her to communities from coast to coast.

Miguel Bernal is a brilliant and gifted flamenco dance artist as well as a singer and actor. His ability has granted him various concert engagements within the United States. A high point of his career was a tour with the renowned company of Jose Greco and Nana Lorca culminating in an appearance with them and the Boston Pops Orchestra.

Clarita, dancer, singer, teacher, and choreographer has an extensive background in all facets of Spanish dance, including regional, Escuela Bolera, and flamenco.

Tina Love began her flamenco journey in 2000 after studying ballet and modern dance. Having moved to Santa Barbara from New York, she performed with Pacific Action Theater under the direction of her teacher, Ana Galindo.

Maya de Silva is an experienced flamenco dancer with much East Coast exposure. She performed as flamenco dancer with Paco Mendes and directed shows at Xicala in Nolita, Tapas de Espana in Bergantine, and New Jersey in the East Village.

Stamen Wetzel is an experienced traditional flamenco guitarist and is active as accompanist for flamenco dancers and singers playing for performances and classes.

Benjamin Shearer has been an active member of the flamenco community for many years. He is a respected accompanist and musician, having performed with the leading flamenco artists in the Los Angeles area.

Inesita will offer six dance solos of her own and participate as pianist in a musical interlude with the guitarists.

APAC is a member of the Consortium of Southern California Chamber Music Presenters and a member of the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Yee has produced these free monthly world-class concerts since 2006. He is the president of the Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Association, owner of popular catering firm L.A. Omelets, and a sous chef at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Admission is free. Free-will donations are accepted during intermission. Seating is limited, so it is first come first served.   

Refreshments will be by Le Cordon Bleu Chef Mario Bolanos and Patisserie Artist Catherine Shaffer.

For more information, contact Mr. Yee at 626-230 5435, or e-mail bizwind@yahoo.com.


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