Tools to Help Your Business: 'Reinventing Your Business Now and for the Future'

9/16/20 11:59AM - 1:00PM
Location: Zoom

The majority of businesses are being negatively impacted during this coronavirus lockdown. Many have been able to adapt to keep some income coming in, but many have not been able to. While the situation seems daunting, when you look at history you would see that the businesses that adapt the best during times of crisis are the ones that come out smelling like roses in the long term. That’s because crises tend to create permanent changes in the marketplace. So permanent, not just temporary, changes are necessary. During this discussion, we will explore the changes in the market now and for the future and how you can best adapt to capitalize on the opportunities.

 Key topics:

  • A historic look at the business opportunities crises have created.
  • What consumer behaviors are being affected by the lockdown.
  • Business model changes to make now and for the future.

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