City of Alhambra Celebrates 710 Day

6/10/15 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Location: Valley Blvd. and Fremont Ave.

710 Day is a day for educational presentations and booths; it will be a day of fun and family-friendly celebrations where adults and children can enjoy and participate in many games and activities. There will also be photo opportunities, live entertainment, and food vendors.

The 710 Day strives to help children and adults better understand the tunnel concept. The tunnel, if completed, will connect the southern terminus of the 710 freeway at Valley Boulevard to the 134 and 210 freeways in Pasadena. There is two-to-one support for the tunnel option as the best way to alleviate the area's increasing traffic dilemma, and it is also the only option that addresses the incomplete freeway system and already has funds allotted to it.

The City of Alhambra is urging all supporters to take every opportunity to ensure their voices are heard. The public's participation is critical to Close the Gap and to "Build the Tunnel", as this will have a decisive impact on the outcome of the final decision. 

For more information about the "Close the Gap - Build the Tunnel" campaign, visit www.710coalition.com and the City of Alhambra page.

Jun 2020


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