Lo barato te saldrá caro: The lowest price may cost you the most

By Javier Mendez, Jo's Garage

Javier Mendez, owner and operator, Jo's Garage, Inc., at the Kerechuk building. Contact Mr. Mendez at 626-872-0705. Visit the website at www.josgarage.com.

Lo barato te saldrá caro:

The lowest price may cost you the most


I recently had a conversation with a customer who brought up an old saying about things with the lowest price sometimes costing us the most.  From time to time, usually when we need to spend on the essentials or a service that is not exactly a fun purchase, we do this.  And I know, sadly, that automotive repair falls into that category.  Because auto repair can be expensive, we naturally want to save as much as possible, right?  So off we go to the internet for free advice, questionable solutions, and replacement parts.  While there are plenty of information and parts out there, it is difficult to know who you can trust.

Not too long ago, I helped a customer with some suspension work.  One of their concerns with the repair price was that parts for their job costed less online.  Like many, I have been victim to poor quality items branded and sold by internet retailers, and Ihave had conversations with other automotive professionals that have encountered inexpensive parts on vehicles and found concerning issues with them.  Some do not fit properly, affecting functionality and safety.  Others are of such poor quality that they require frequent replacement.  I recall another instance where a motorist purchased ball joints online and within a week of installation,one failed.  While the replacements were provided at no additional cost, he had to wait for them to be delivered.  Hey, buddy, can I get a ride today… and the rest of this week

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to help a friend whose car had broken down.  He had recently been told that he would soon need a timing belt, so when the car stopped running, he assumed the timing belt had failed.  An expensive repair was not in his budget. He waited months for the vehicle to berepaired.  But once we inspected it, we found that the belt was still intact and the solution was aaffordable ignition system repair.  Had he chosen a professional diagnosis at the time of failure, he would have had his vehicle back in days rather than months.

The cost of automotive repair is much more than the price we pay for it.  A professional inspection or diagnosis is often less costly than free advice and unnecessary parts replacement.  An experienced professional can get you back on the road faster as well. I think we can all agree that our time, safety, and convenience are priceless.  If you have a concern with a particular automotive problem, please give us a call. We are happy to help.      




Nov 2021


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