Strategies for lowering risk of getting COVID

By Sheila Yonemoto, PT

Three factors constitute a pandemic: the infectious agent (virus), the host (human population), and the environment. Most attention has been placed on the virus and preventing infection by wearing masks, social distancing, isolating, and now getting vaccinated. There are other ways to increase one’s defenses to prevent contracting the disease, especially in the case of mutating strains of the virus. You have a greater risk for getting COVID if you have other co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes, or other chronic illness. The more steps you take to lower your risk, the better.

Fear puts your autonomic nervous system into “fight or flight” mode, which alerts your body to put all its energy into getting ready to move. Digestion stops, and the immune system slows down. You can switch to the “rest and digest” mode by increasing feelings of safety. Do this by deep breathing, gargling, singing, and humming, taking a cold shower, meditating, qigong, using essential oils, listening to calming music, and watching funny movies.

Boost your immune system by sitting in the sun, helping your body produce more vitamin D, while the ultraviolet rays kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Intermittent fasting helps your body rid itself of viruses and bacteria, while releasing toxins and using up fat stores, helping reduce weight. Getting adequate sleep turns on the healing abilities of the body. Moving and exercising helps circulate the blood and stimulates production of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, and feel-good hormones. Eating a healthy whole-food diet and taking supplements can help. Some doctors recommend daily detoxes, which can be done by sweating through exercise or with a sauna.

Limit toxins in food and water, go organic, use a water filter, breathe clean air, and use an air purifier. Avoid chemical exposures at home and work. Limit electromagnetic radiation or fields, such as Wi-Fi. Turn off cellphones and keep them away from your head. Ground yourself by going barefoot. Take a walk in nature to get more negative ions.

The more you do to get healthier, protect yourself from harmful things, and increase your own defense mechanisms, the more you will feel in control of your life and the calmer you will be. Hopefully, you will live a more pleasant and peaceful life.


Sheila Yonemoto, P.T., has been a physical therapist for over 30 years, specializing in Integrative Manual Therapy using a holistic approach. She can be reached at Yonemoto Physical Therapy, 55 S. Raymond Ave, Suite 100, Alhambra 91801. Call 626-576-0591 for a FREE consultation, or visit www.yonemoto.com for more information.


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Dec 2021


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