Alhambra Performing Arts Center reopens in August with legendary Inesita, Flamenco Alhambra

Inesita and Bill Yee (in middle) with Flamenco Alhambra.

General Manager and Artistic Director Bill Yee, who is also an award-winning ACF chef, announced the Alhambra Performing Arts Center (APAC) season will begin Saturday, Aug. 14, featuring legendary Spanish dancer Inesita and her Flamenco Alhambra. Inesita has performed with her Flamenco troupe at the Alhambra Performing Arts Center for over a dozen years to the delight thousands. She has been dancing for over 80 years and has appeared in Bob Hope’s Here Comes the Girls movie in the early ‘50s, TV shows, major concerts, and almost every type of venue. She is well known world-wide.

Resumption of the concert series will be subject to the COVID-19 health safety protocols at the time.

Inesita studied violin and piano at an early age. Her career as a Spanish dance artist began at the age of 14, not long after moving to Los Angeles. Her work is devoted to traditional forms of Spanish dance, including flamenco, the Bolero School of Dance of the 18th century, and the regional dances of Spain's autonomous communities. Her studies began in Los Angeles and Mexico with Michael Brigante, Jose Fernandez, Janet Riesenfeld, Oscar Tarriba, and Antonio Triana and then inevitably in Spain where she trained under the flamenco masters Valencia y Rendón de Ávila ("El Estampio") and Regla Ortega, as well as the Pericet family of la escuela bolera in Madrid.

Since her first show at La Golondrina Café on Olvera Street on Oct. 7th, 1939, Inesita has performed in cabaret, film, television, and musical theater. Since the early 1950s, she has appeared as a soloist in venues throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris, London, Liverpool, and Valletta.

Programs coming up include the popular Beatlemania Singalong featuring Bob Schuster and his Beatle cover band on Sunday, Sept. 19, Miskey Mountain Boys blue grass band on Saturday, Oct. 16, Sinatra Nights featuring award-winning singer Matt Barber on Saturday, Nov. 13, and the annual Dickens Christmas Carol Singalong on Saturday, Dec. 11.

APAC is starting its 15th season this year and is still hosted at Sage Granada Park United Methodist Church at 1850 W. Hellman Ave., Alhambra, which is also home to Mr. Yee’s Alhambra Culinary School and L.A. Omelets Catering Services.


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