Alhambra resident creating documentary film on homeslessness

Celebrity Doctor Bill Dorfman, left, and Kevin Knight.

The March issue of Around Alhambra reported on Bun ‘n Burger’s participation in a scene for the movie The Little Things. It is a tribute to the creative entertainment activity here that this month Around Alhambra can chronicle the journey of Alhambra resident Kevin Knight in developing and producing a documentary film project for consideration by Hollywood film makers.

Mr. Knight has recently obtained funding for his film project by “From the Heart Productions,” which has been selectively funding socially significant films, “… that make a positive contribution to society and to the field of filmmaking.” A distinguished director has been brought on board to make the product of Mr. Knight’s pen, and his considerable effort, a reality. The working title of this documentary film is The Forgotten Angels.

Mr. Knight saw up close how serious the issue of homelessness is when he first moved to Los Angeles in 2006 while working for the Los Angeles Free Clinic (now the Saban Community Clinic) and seeing all of those families in need. It was a wake-up call.

The film will follow a group of young homeless children as they trek through the treacherous streets of Skid Row. These children battle the restraints of poverty, hunger, and social limitations as they bravely pursue academic excellence. While overcoming educational barriers and inadequate resources, they reveal the powerful perseverance of youth.

But Mr. Knight and his team weren’t waiting for funding to begin their project. It has been a two-year process of researching and determining the story angle of this social issue and the search for funding, a team that sees his vision, and a director to tell the video story and give the film continuity.

“We've been conducting a series of interviews and filming activities within the Skid Row area and organizations that have been an outreach to these kids,” Mr. Knight said. “Our goal is to create a documentary film and submit it to the film festival circuit and conduct a theatrical run within a theatre in downtown Los Angeles.”

To support this project in any way, contact From the Heart Productions at info@fromtheheartproductions.com. The community looks forward to seeing The Forgotten Angels take some prizes during award season.


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Jan 2022


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