Asian Youth Center offers online education programs

This is a great way to give a child a leg up on learning the lessons that are critical to educational success.

The Asian Youth Center (AYC) has been serving young people in the greater Asian community and beyond since 1989. Their services have grown over the years and now include emergency food distribution, scholarships, COVID screening, and personalized tutoring.

For several years AYC has offered a tutoring program that included instruction in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Now, as a response to COVID, they have added a new after-school, online service for students from kindergarten through the eighth grade. AYC has been working to create kid friendly, easily accessible, and academically engaging programming in these different areas of need. It has been up and running since September of last year.

The tutoring services are available for free or a fee-based instruction. In the free service, students are separated into breakout rooms by grade and tutored in groups. The tutoring is hosted by volunteer participants made up of local university students and overseen by a Lead Tutor staff member. This program is for homework support only and does not offer specific lessons for students. It is made possible by Zoom, and students must be registered to participate.

There are two fee-based services as well. One of these is the Chinese language program. Fees are determined by income. Income verification is needed to qualify for the low-income fee rate. This is a group class with a max of 15 participants per class. The tutoring class follows a Chinese language curriculum for instruction. There are three different levels of instruction depending on the student’s level of language proficiency. This class too is offered on Zoom.

The other fee based tutoring program, again based on income, is a one-on-one class, one tutor working with one student. Instruction is based on the following criteria: homework support, 1:1 support for Chinese language lessons and English or math lessons. These lessons are based on student level and use workbooks on Common Core curriculum. All the fee-based tutoring fees are non-refundable.

For parents, this is a great way to give a child a leg up on learning the lessons that are critical to educational success. Contact the AYC at 626-537-0954, or see https://www.aycla.org/ayc-education-programs-online.html for more details and enrollment form. The main office of AYC is located at 100 W. Clary Ave., San Gabriel 91776.


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Jul 2021


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