For the perfect picture it’s The Perfect Exposure

By Glenn Barnett

The Perfect Exposure, 2424 W. Valley Blvd., is a one stop shop for professional looking personal pictures and is also a gallery of photographs.

Armando Arorizo took a long road to get to Alhambra. He picked up a camera 30 years ago and was hooked. Within five years he opened a gallery for photographers in the Korea Town district of Los Angeles. All the while he worked on improving his skill and artistry with the camera.

His vision led him to being hired by a news wire service to cover important events such as the Olympic Swimming Trials, President Obama's inauguration, and the funerals of President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Nelson Mandela. He has also covered May Day celebrations in Cuba, the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the South Africa World Cup, the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup Finals, and more. Along the way he has also led seminars in photography in this country, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Armando’s commercial and portrait clients include the Los Angeles Clippers, Arista Records, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, Metropolitan Water District, MTA of Los Angeles, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), The California Community Foundation, O'Melveny and Myers, and others

Two years ago, he was ready to leave his old studio and relocate. At the time there was an existing business in Alhambra known as Best Custom Frame located at 2424 W. Valley Blvd. just a block east of Fremont. The owner was looking to sell the business, and Armando agreed to buy it, adding framing to his photographic business, which is now known as The Perfect Exposure and is still at 2424 W. Valley Blvd.

He is now able to work with customers to design, edit, print, frame, and archive their photographs, a one stop shop for professional looking personal pictures. He still maintains a gallery of photographs, both his own and other recognized photographers working today. He uses his Alhambra studio for exhibitions of their work and unique displays such as photographs of famous rock ‘n roll musicians, Civil Rights themed displays, and the work of photographer Kinso Nimomiya whose pictures chronicled the life of pre-World War II life in the Japanese American community in Los Angeles.

One visitor to several of his exhibitions is Alhambra Councilmember Adele Andrade-Stadler. “He had a wonderful display of photographed pyramids of Mexico that I myself climbed as a college student studying Latin American History,” she said. “He brought back fond memories of my climb of both the moon and the sun.”

Mr. Arorizo has come to love the small-town feel of Alhambra after the big city. The neighborhood around his shop has made him feel welcome, and he loves his new location. Yet like many businesses today, The Perfect Exposure has had a tough year because of the COVID related shut downs.

If you have been putting off organizing, digitizing or framing your photographs, now is a good time to check out The Perfect Exposure web site, at: http://www.theperfectexposuregallery.com/home, and call Armando at 213-381-1137 for an appointment. Here is the bottom line: We have a world class photographer here in Alhambra. Let’s learn from him.


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Jul 2021


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