Gratitude + next steps

By Denise R. Jaramillo, superintendent, AUSD

For this April 2021 issue, I wanted to personally share my gratitude and the next steps for Alhambra Unified School District.

I saw something remarkable happening at AUSD even as this pandemic year pushed all of us beyond our limits, as we endured losses and overwhelm without precedent.

In the midst of this long battle in lockdown, our community rose up with an outpouring of love and concern for students, pioneering virtual strategies to unite us in our care and support for one another. In the face of tsunamis of hardship, exhaustion, and frustration, our community fought back with compassion and creativity to teach, learn, connect, and provide assistance on every front. In many cases, these innovations are such improvements over pre-pandemic ways, we will adopt the new technologies and approaches because they make it possible for parents, students, and employees to more easily become true partners in education. 

Evidence of AUSD generosity, tenacity, strength, and problem-solving is everywhere present in the district, at each school site, and in the homes of our students and families. 

Thousands of parents spent long Zoom hours attending Coffees with the Principal and dozens of AUSD webinars to better understand how to help their child through the complexities and isolation of Distance Learning. Two thousand staff members brought their energy, dedication, on-the-fly innovations, and talent for adaptation to lesson plans; Zoom classrooms; at-home student supply kits; current event teachable moments; millions of curbside and bus stop meals; troubleshooting and distributing thousands of computers; campus safety protocols, site cleaning and quality control; equity and kindness campaigns; workshops for special education, social emotional learning, grief, and well-being; and volunteer food banks for the most in need AUSD families. 

These victories are an inspiration in the tumult and demonstrate the ingenuity, perseverance, and flexibility to carry us through the next COVID-19 frontier: in-person classes reimagined for the 2021-22 school year.

In preparation for that cherished goal, and in tandem with the continuity of instruction delivered to every student in the current K-12 morning schedule of Distance Learning,  we are offering  families an opportunity. Beginning in mid-April, parents can opt to add in-person afternoon student enrichment experiences taught by credentialed staff for the last seven weeks of the 2020-21 academic year. More about those plans is in this issue, on every school website, AUSD social media, and in parent meetings with each principal during the week of April 5.

In closing, I want say it is an honor of lifetime to work together on our shared mission to lift up our students and one another while we build the leaders our community and our county are waiting for.  


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Jan 2022


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