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Republic Services employees continue to protect public health and safety as the pandemic changes life in communities.

Republic Services’ goal is to keep the communities they serve clean and safe, and that has never been more important than over the past year. As a global pandemic rocked communities, Republic Services’ team worked to provide essential services, making sure that recyclables, green waste, and trash were collected on a weekly basis.

To provide uninterrupted service and ensure the health of their workforce, they provided necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), increased cleaning and disinfection of trucks, equipment and facilities, and changed the ways they work in some cases to ensure proper social distancing. In addition, Republic Services leveraged their tools and technology to enable employees to work from home where possible. Nationwide, their 36,000 employees rose to the challenges and continued to serve as passionate stewards of the environment and the communities.

As an industry leader, Republic Services has always been committed to keeping communities clean in a safe and environmentally responsible way, with a focus on preserving precious natural resources and extracting as much value as they can from the materials they collect. This includes sorting through recyclables, consolidating loads for transport, and disposing of waste in highly engineered landfills where they recover energy from decomposing waste. It’s what they mean when they say, We’ll handle it from here.®

For instance, at Republic’s Materials Recovery Facility in Anaheim where the City of Alhambra’s material is delivered, Republic Services can process 6,000 tons of discards per day, separating materials by type and producing in excess of 500 large bales of recyclables every day. Also, they have installed an organics preprocessing operation, where specialized equipment effectively separates contamination from food waste and prepares it for composting or other end markets.

Republic Services is committed to serving the Alhambra community and protecting the shared environment. The community can help them preserve natural resources by properly preparing recycling at home and at work. Be sure that only empty, clean, and dry recyclables go into recycling carts or bins and that only green waste goes into the green waste cart or bin. Please don’t contaminate materials by putting trash into the recycling or green waste containers.

For more information about proper recycling, visit RecyclingSimplified.com, or call Julian Reyes at 747-245-9152 for assistance.


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Nov 2021


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