Orchids offer style, sophistication at Flora Clay

By Glenn Barnett

Flora Clay is named for the floral orchids, and clay signifies the beautiful decorative pots they come in.

In 2001, SK Lee, an Alhambra resident, committed to making his lifelong passion of raising orchids into his occupation. Mr. Lee purchased 15 acres of farmland in Oxnard, California. He soon turned it into Lee’s Orchid’s first nursery. After five years of increasing popularity and demand for his orchids, Mr. Lee wanted to make this flower more accessible to the public and moved his operation to the heart of Los Angeles’ flower district.

In 2006, Lee’s Orchids opened its new headquarters for wholesale and retail sales of his orchids and succulents on San Pedro Street. From here he catered to the cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, not only with different types of orchids, but also plants, succulents, vases, home and décor, and wood products. The Lee’s orchid team soon formed into a family of floral designers, sales representatives, floral consultants, delivery personnel, and horticulturists.

Mr. Lee’s vision soon took off as more and more Angelinos were charmed by the beauty of his orchids. Lee’s Orchids had to expand to meet the demands of customers. Between the years of 2006-2014, Lee’s Orchids opened several new stores around the greater Los Angeles area, while at the same time establishing more nurseries to grow his cherished flowers. In 2011, the headquarters of the business was relocated from San Pedro Street to 766 San Julian St. in Los Angeles.

There is a more important address to know about however. It is 1100 E. Main St. in Alhambra, which is the location of Mr. Lee’s newest store called Flora Clay. He is proud to open a new store in his own town, Alhambra. Sitting on the southeast corner of El Molino and Main, right across the street from Sam’s Barber Shop, Flora Clay is named for the floral orchids, and clay signifies the beautiful decorative pots they come in. Mr. Lee’s daughter, Sara Lee, presides over the new store, which opened in September.

Ms. Lee said the product line includes the varieties of orchids grown by her father, the beautiful planters they come in, potting soil, and garden supplies. Orders can be taken online, and customers can view some of the orchids and succulents on their website, www.floraclay.com. See their Five Star Yelp reviews at https://www.yelp.com/biz/flora-clay-alhambra.

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Jan 2022


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