Alhambra Police Dept. implements Area Command Model to strengthen relationships with community

The Alhambra Police Department has implemented the Area Command Model to boost engagement with the public and strengthen relationships with the community.

Under this model, the city is divided into four geographic areas. The boundaries are separated by Mission Road and Atlantic Boulevard. A Police Commander is assigned to each area and is responsible for developing key relationships and understanding the issues and concerns unique to their service area.

“This approach allows our officers to build effective relationships with the community and respond proactively to help solve problems,” said Police Chief Tim Vu.

The objective of this command structure is to aggressively address crime issues and improve quality of life for residents.

Chief Vu held a Virtual Town Hall Oct.12 to present the information to the public and to answer questions. Residents were able to submit questions prior to the event, and they were included in the discussion.

Overseeing Area 1 Command is Lt. Tai Seki, followed by Commander Garrett Kennedy for Area 2 Command, Lt. Ruben Soriano for Area 3 Command, and Commander Sean Heckers for Area 4 Command.

To learn more about the Area Command model, visit https://www.cityofalhambra.org/resources/area-command.


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Mar 2021


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