Alhambra Fit Body Boot Camp offers outdoor fitness boot camp training

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Alhambra Fit body Boot Camp members work out in the open area.

Alhambra Fit Body Boot Camp, 43 E. Main St. #101, is a fitness boot camp franchise that specializes in fitness training and health education. Alhambra Fit Body Boot Camp focuses on the fitness pyramid of fat loss, muscle gain, and mental strength through high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, strength training, and motivational mental support. As a former college football player and fitness enthusiast, Charles Green Jr. was motivated to start a business with his brother-in-law, Derek Wong, to help others achieve their fitness objectives. “I was living an unhealthy lifestyle, and being with Fit Body Boot Camp for three years, I decided that this is what I wanted to do and help people live a healthier lifestyle,” Mr. Green said.

Differentiating from other general gyms, Alhambra Fit Body Boot Camp focuses on proper nutrition education, resistance training, and cardiovascular exercises that help their clients achieve their fitness missions faster. Every workout done at Fit body Bootcamp is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training exercise including a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training. Boot Camp members, and also the spouses of Mr. Wong and Mr. Green, Lou Wong and Joan Green, both agreed, “We feel stronger and achieved improvements. We are so grateful for the teams’ support and motivation.”

The Boot Camp teams and coaches Tina Kim, Tanner Davis, Austin Perdieu, and Sarah, are certified personal trainers through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. They focus on each individual member and motivationally lead the exercises while ensuring everyone is properly performing the exercises correctly to avoid injuries. The vast number of members range from age 14 to 95 and are different fitness levels. “We want to make sure that our clients have great experiences, and we give them a one-on-one personal training experience from the coaches,” Mr. Green said. “To eliminate three types of excuses like time, money budget, and types of workout, we offer convenient times for our classes, affordable membership, and we educate on proper workouts based on their fitness goals. Everything is a progression; we want to make sure our clients progress over time. We challenge them to push them to the next level and to be able to do what they were not able to do before coming to Alhambra Fit Body Boot Camp.”

Soon after their grand opening in March, business for the Boot Camp was affected due to the mandated closure of all gym and fitness facilities. They shortly offered online training classes to their members, and when allowed to reopen in June, they had to adhere to all health policy and guidelines. “Some odds were against us, but we work as a team, and we do our best for our clients,” Mr. Wong said. “We are just happy to be here to operate and give back to our community. We won’t quit as our clients won’t quit.” The Boot Camp reopened for business and held training classes outdoors in their private parking area. There are about 16 workout stations outdoors for each member to be safely socially distant from one another. Some light workout equipment is used, and the floor coach always makes sure that each person is correctly performing the exercises properly to prevent injuries. The outdoor activity has been a great advertisement for the business because people can see the workouts and are motivated to join.

Sanitation and keeping their members safe has been a challenge, but a focus to continue operating for business. Before and after every workout class, they sanitize and clean the equipment and stations. They prepare an hour early before opening, and the team in the morning sets up and takes the equipment outdoors, and the team at night cleans up the equipment and takes them in to prepare for the next day. “We need to adjust to the new normal and do our best,” said Mr. Tanner. “Consistency is the key, and don’t quit! My mission in life is to serve and love people and provide value.”

To learn more about Alhambra Fit Body Boot Camp and membership sign up, visit their website at wwwfitbodybootcamp.com/10416-alhambra-ca/about-us/, or contact them at 626-225-2191.

Follow them on social media at FitBodyAlhambra on Facebook and @fitbodybootcampalhambra.


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