New Member Spotlight: Katherine Yu Simms offers support for seniors

Katherine Yu Simms has supported seniors in making difficult and important decisions for many years.

Growing old is becoming increasingly complex. There are decisions to be made about health care, living arrangements, disposition of property, taxes, and much more. It can be important to have a knowledgeable and caring person available to assist seniors and their loved ones in making good choices. One dedicated professional who has been actively supporting seniors in making difficult and important decisions for many years is Katherine Yu Simms.

Ms. Simms knows the community. She was raised in Alhambra and attended Ramona Convent School. She has been a real estate agent for several years and is a certificated Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) trained in assisting elderly clients. She has also dedicated 10 years to hospice care and senior center work. This extensive back ground and the knowledge she has gained has led to a new career as a Medicare consultant.

As the Medicare system becomes increasingly complicated, it is good to have someone to advise seniors and their families. Ms. Simms stays current with the issues and choices available for health care and offers her consulting time for free. Before the COVID shutdown, she volunteered at the Joslyn Adult Center offering Medicare seminars to seniors. She is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, which increases her ability to be of service to the Alhambra community. When the current health crisis is over, she is ready to continue volunteering at Joslyn.

“Katherine is highly knowledgeable in the area of senior representation because of her extensive consultation background in dealing with elderly individuals and their families,” said a 5-star Yelp reviewer. Now is a particularly important time to reach out for support in selecting Medicare plans. This year, Medicare’s open enrollment will last from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. If the choice of plans is confusing, Ms. Simms can help. She can be reached at 323-854-2868, or e-mail at kyusimms@rey-top.com.

Ms. Simms’ consultation is free, and her extensive experience and advocacy with senior care can help make the best choice at the most favorable cost.


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Apr 2021


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