Alhambra Car Wash: open for business

Jose Del Torro details a car at the Alhambra Car Wash.

Over 50 years ago, Al Miali opened the Alhambra Car Wash on the northeast corner of Main and Atlantic. It is still owned and operated by the Miali family along with their partner Gonzalo Villanueva, who began working for the car wash when he was 16. Over the years, the family has opened and run car washes in five different locations, including the greatly missed operation on Valley Boulevard near Chapel. They still operate a second location in Eagle Rock.

Today, with 35 employees, the Alhambra Car Wash is still a full service operation with custom detailing available upon request, vacuuming, and the cleaning and hand drying of the inside of each vehicle. It is open seven days a week and closed only in the event of rain. In other words, it is open most all the time.

On a good week, as many as 2,000 cars roll through the facility, which has adopted water saving technologies and techniques to meet the challenges of California’s periodic droughts. COVID has somewhat slowed normal business activity. As a result, the usual hours of operation may be different than what customers are used to. Please check before arriving.

Regardless of the slowdown, customers’ cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks will still receive the attention to detail they have always had. If a car does not come out clean, it will be run through the wash a second time to assure the customer’s satisfaction.

The Alhambra Car Wash is open for business, giving customers an opportunity to continue at least a part of their normal activity.

Alhambra Car Wash is located at 707 W. Main St, Alhambra 91801. For more information, call 626-282-5666.


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Feb 2021


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