The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation presents ‘Uniting Borders 2020’ at City Hall Art Gallery

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation will present “Uniting Borders 2020,” an art exhibition that empowers inclusion through art, during August at the City Hall Art Gallery, 111 S. First St.

The artwork represents 15 individual stories that lead to a better understanding of the issues people with disabilities face in society. The exhibition gives a voice to people with disabilities by letting them express themselves as they seek equality and to be part of society. Participating artists are Haile King-Rubie, Dory Perdomo, Shawn Gong, Maru Pombo, Santa Obdulia Hernández Nicolás, Martin Vogel, Ángel Pacheco Soriano, Basilio Alonzo, Jerry J. Ruiz, Flavia Zúñiga-West Ruiz, Annie Young, Tom Doyle, Jhovana Cecena, Isaac Mathis, and Michael Dergar.

“We give many thanks to the City of Alhambra and our sponsors for giving us this opportunity and support to showcase the talent of artists with disabilities,” said Michael Dergar, CEO and founder of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation. Uniting Borders is an art exhibition that can inform society of the social need of inclusion at a local, national, and global level. This exhibition brings public awareness to the need of social change to bring equal opportunity regardless of any disabilities.”


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Dec 2021


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