Diner on Main reopens post COVID-19 closures

By Jewelyn Co

Diners return to Diner on Main.

Diner on Main, 201 W. Main St, reopened its doors June 4 for inside and outdoor dining after being closed for business due to the COVID-19 pandemic business closures. The Diner offered take-out orders in mid-March through April but had decided to temporarily close due to the loss of sales.

When the state declared reopening of restaurant dine-ins in June, the Diner on Main decided to resume business and help the community. “We are very happy to be back,” said owner Randy Hoffman. “We are providing the best service and ensuring a safe and healthy dining experience for our customers.”

Dining policies have been implemented based on the L.A. County Health Department protocol, including signage at the entrances, strict health and safety procedures, and social distancing regulations. Indoor, patio, and covered parking-lot dining are limited in space with every other table being served. With a permit for outdoor dining, a 20-foot by 30-foot canopy is in place in Diner on Main’s private parking lot where there are eight tables that accommodate parties of six, and about 6 feet apart from each other to ensure social distancing. There is a separate entrance and separate exit only to help with the crowd gathering at the entrance.

Servers are required to have face masks and face shields at all times when attending to customers for the health and safety for all. Customers are required to have face masks when entering and exiting the restaurant, but they can be removed while eating.

Some items on the menu have remained much the same, but some have been adjusted to make each dish more efficient and fresher. The zucchini loaves that used to be available by the counter are now only available for purchase upon request. For sanitation purposes, condiments are removed from the table and have been replaced with condiment packets. Restroom sanitation is important, and they clean the restroom after every use.

It may be financially difficult to maintain business, but they have to keep operating.

Customers may see a few transformations from this Retro American ‘50s style restaurant and may feel the traditional “old school” vibe has changed since the use of technology has taken place. The Diner has a QR scan code on display that can be scanned for the touch-free menu, and customers can conveniently pay their bill through the app. For those who may not have access to QR scan code, paper disposable menus are available. The Diner has a new system that is helpful with table reservations. The customers can call in and receive a text message when their table is ready. Customers can wait in their vehicles and no longer need to wait in the waiting area. Staff is available to assist with the process. They spent numerous hours of training prior to reopening to make sure they were prepared.

“Re-opening has been an adjustment, and we are learning as we go,” said shift Manager Frank Lugo. “People have been understanding. I think the safety and health precautions will be thought of more now that we have this experience. ”

It is not just the service process that has been updated. The Diner interior was given a new look. during its downtime. There is new lighting, new floors, repainted walls, new bathroom fixtures, and detailed cleaning of the kitchen.

Regular customers are coming back in, but some still feel unsafe to dine in yet. People are respectful and understand health department policies. “Reopening has been wonderful and challenging, said General Manager Katie McLaughlin. “We have been up to the challenge. A lot of people are coming back regularly and have been ordering take-out. We just want to thank our customers who have been so patient. We want to thank everyone who stuck by us. It has been difficult for everyone, and we appreciate that people are coming back to us. We miss them as much as they miss us.”

Diner on Main’s events, such as charity nights, will start up again in the future. For more information on restaurant hours, dine-in and take-out, and menu items, visit their website at www.dineronmainrestaurant.net.


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