Emmaus Lutheran School graduates march to different beat

Emmaus Lutheran School graduates are, from left, Arianna Gonzales, Justin Phan, Kaylyn Thai, Joy Huang, Daniel Gamboa, Amanda Huang, Thomas Rodriguez, Nathan Young, Iren Lam, Tommy Yang, Victor Chen, Abigail Yeoh, Jasmine Tian, Matthew Mar.

This was a year like no other. Just as with all other schools around the nation, remote learning became the method of delivering educational requirements to kindergarten through eighth grade at Emmaus Lutheran School in Alhambra, and on May 27, eighth grade students were presented their diplomas in the church where they have worshiped, presented dramas to their families, sung in choir, and rung chapel bells over the years. Individual families were present when the presentations were made but only one student and family at a time. The entire process was broadcast on Facebook so that family and friends could participate in the students’ accomplishments.

The class included the following, some of whom have been together for all 11 years since preschool. Victor Chen spent four years at Emmaus and now goes to Mark Keppel High. Daniel Gamboa, five years at Emmaus, is going on to Mark Keppel High. Ariana Gonzales, the Valedictorian, after four years, will now attend Ramona Convent. Also bound for Ramona Convent is Amanda Huang, 1 ½ years at Emmaus, and also Joy Huang, who spent five years at Emmaus.

Irene Lam is going to Alhambra High after 10 years at Emmaus. Matthew Mar will attend Maranantha High School after 11 years with his classmates. Justin Phan moves on to Alhambra High after 11 years at Emmaus. Thomas Rodriguez is undecided on his high school and was at Emmaus for seven years. Kaylyn Thai, a co-Salutatorian, spent nine years at Emmaus and will attend Gabrielino High. Jasmine Tian will attend Burroughs High School after four years at Emmaus. Abigail Yeoh, co-Salutatorian, will attend Walnut High School after 10 years at Emmaus. Nathan Young will attend Mark Keppel after 11 years.

Despite the three months of lock downs, the students were able to meet all requirements and were upbeat and positive throughout the ceremony, which can be viewed on the Emmaus Lutheran School and Preschool Facebook page, where comments from teachers and photo highlights over the years can be seen also.

The school will reopen Aug. 13 in compliance with CDC guidelines and is accepting new students. More information is available on www.EmmausAlhambra.org.


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