Elective surgeries, procedures halted during COVID-19 pandemic to resume

Alhambra Hospital has thoroughly planned and developed detailed criteria for resuming scheduled procedures and other services at the hospital.

Alhambra Hospital Medical Center joined other hospitals in California to resume most of its elective procedures last month.

Like most hospitals, Alhambra Hospital stopped performing elective surgeries and procedures to prepare for a surge of COVID-19 patients and ensure the hospital could provide these patients with the safest care.

The safety of patients and staff always come first. Alhambra Hospital has thoroughly planned and developed detailed criteria for resuming scheduled procedures and other services at the hospital, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Surgeon General, and the American Hospital Association, with input from Alhambra Hospital’s staff, surgeons, and anesthesiologists.

The hospital continues to take significant steps to make sure everyone is safe while providing services. Here are some of the steps Alhambra Hospital is taking:

  • Patients, approved visitors, and caregivers will be required to wear masks inside the hospital.
  • Physical distancing will be strictly enforced.
  • Every patient will be tested for COVID-19, and only those testing negative will be scheduled.
  • Every patient will be screened for any COVID-like symptoms and body temperature before the procedure on the scheduled day.
  • Such screening will be applied to all care providers on a daily basis.
  • Every caregiver will be required to wear appropriate PPEs inside the operating room.
  • Elective surgery patients will be placed in a unit that is separated from the COVID patients to avoid cross contamination.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes will take place inside the hospital with additional cleaning after each procedure.

Serving communities is Alhambra Hospital’s calling, and safely resuming these procedures is one of the best ways it can help communities heal. Extra time and patience will be needed to ensure protection for everyone. To minimize exposure, restrictions on visitation will remain in place. However, virtual visitations through iPad will be available, and patients’ conditions will be constantly updated to the designated family members over the phone.

If there is an emergency, please do not delay. The emergency room is open 24 hours for any immediate and urgent needs.

This has been an extraordinarily challenging time for everyone. Alhambra Hospital can’t say “thank you” enough for the amazing support and understanding from the community during this unprecedented crisis.  

For information about scheduling elective surgeries, patients should contact their physicians, or call the Patient Relations Department at 626-458-4721.


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Jul 2020


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