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About 20 years ago, the Asian Youth Center began food distribution in the San Gabriel Valley for a limited number of people in need.

In 1989, the growing Asian population in the western San Gabriel Valley had difficulty availing itself of support services and health providers. That was the year the Asian Youth Center (AYC) was founded to address these issues and assist the newcomers to adjust to their new home.

AYC began to translate public documents such as utility bills and public service announcements into several Asian languages. They also served as advocates in disputed cases with local agencies and participated in anti-gang education and employment services.

As their services and budget expanded, they began to branch out to serve the Antelope Valley, East Los Angeles, and South Los Angeles, adding Spanish translation and tutoring to their list of services.

About 20 years ago, AYC developed a new service. For a limited number of people in need they began food distribution in the San Gabriel Valley. They have partnered with the LA Regional Food Bank and local Asian food importers to donate packaged goods that passed their “sell by” date. Each bag of food they distribute consists of 30 individual meals. In January, they served 65 families, and then COVID-19 struck.

By March, the emergency food distribution rose to 278 bags of food to the newly sick or unemployed. In April, there were 858 families receiving food distribution. At 30 meals per bag, that month totaled 25,270 meals in all. In May, as grocery stores became more available, the number of recipients dropped to 612 families.

With the crush of new clients, the AYC needed help. One organization that stepped up was the Alhambra Teachers Association. They have assisted with volunteers to deliver food to shut-ins and those vulnerable to the pandemic.

The AYC continues its emergency food distribution. Be a part of the solution with monetary donations:

Send a check to Asian Youth Center, 100 W. Clary Ave., San Gabriel 91776.

Make donations on their website at www.asianyouthcenter.org via credit card and PayPal.

Donate through Facebook at www.facebook.com/ayc100.


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Feb 2021


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