Alhambra Unified School District to hold drive-up graduation ceremonies for graduating seniors and 8th grade students

The Alhambra Unified School District is partnering with the Alhambra Police Department to hold the only approved Drive-Up graduation events for both seniors andeighth grade students.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is now allowing car parades for graduations and other special events so achievements can be safely celebrated. However, protocols must be observed to protect the health and safety of students and families celebrating these milestones amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the guidelines include:

  1. Requiring all occupants of each vehicle to be from the same household. Everyone must remain inside their enclosed vehicle with their seat belt fastened during the entire event. An AUSD staff will hand students their diplomas through the car windows at their designated time. Bicycles and motorcycles are not allowed in the car parades.
  2. All car parades or drive-thru events involving a gathering are limited to 20 vehicles and must have security or local law enforcement present to address traffic and safety issues. Please note, the Alhambra Police Department is collaborating with AUSD on the graduation ceremonies, but will NOT be participating in any independent car parades.
  3. Parents will receive notice of the only approved drive-thru events from school personnel.

AUSD is hosting the events from June 4-19 and is responsible for making sure participants comply with the protocols.

 “We understand families want to get out, hug their children, and take pictures of this special occasion, but that’s not allowed under the guidelines,” said AUSD Superintendent Denise Jamarillo. “It’s important to follow the protocols because failure to do so will lead to the cancellations of these and subsequent graduation events.”


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Aug 2020


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