Cokreeate donates 3D printed PPE to health care providers in midst of shortage due to COVID-19

Cokreeate team, from left: Adolfo Madrigal, Jewelyn Co, and Will Co.

The increasing rates of patients infected by the COVID-19 virus has many hospitals and medical facilities needing more supplies of personal protective equipment to use daily by health care personnel. Due to the extreme shortage of PPE and medical gear supplies caused by the virus, many health care providers are concerned for their own health because they depend on PPE for protection and safety while providing care to patients.

In late March, when the supply shortage of surgical facemasks, N95 respirators, eye protectors, and face shields began, medical health care facilities and workers were having difficulties accessing PPE, and were advised to use alternatives as protective gear. Optimization strategies for PPE supplies during shortage and unavailability were released by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention on their website at www.cdc.gov. It advised workers to provide and use their own protective gear, such as bandanas, scarves, and cloth face masks, as a last resort when no supplies are available. When finding out about the scarcity of PPE supplies for health care providers, Cokreeate, a 3D printing company located at 1019 E. Main St., unit B, Alhambra, wanted to use their 3D printing abilities and resources to give back to frontline medical workers by donating handmade cloth face masks and 3D printed face shields.

As one of the many businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that remain temporarily closed to the public, Cokreeate decided to use its 3D printer equipment to produce headbands for face shields and using a vacuum form machine to make mouth cover guards for handmade cloth face masks. Will Co, along with his team at Cokreeate, Adolfo Madrigal and Jewelyn Co, used their time to voluntarily produce the PPE equipment for frontline health care workers. Will's parents, Amy Diep and Richard Co, retired garment manufacture business owners, are helping Cokreeate sew and produce cloth face masks using some of the leftover fabrics and materials from their business.

"We wanted to provide and give back to the frontline health care workers for putting their own health at risk while continuing to care for patients,” Will said. “We have currently donated about over 1,000 face masks and over 1,200 face shields. We have received many generous funding donations and support from people to help us continue to provide free PPE for health care and medical workers."

Cokreeate’s version of the full face headband was designed by product developer Adolfo Madrigal and is 3D printed using multiple 3D printers to print about more than 60 pieces a day. They are assembled with a clear custom laser cut protective shield made of PETG material.

Cokreeate used social media and word of mouth to inform the community about donating PPE to health care providers and has received numerous requests from people across the nation. Local medical workers were also able to pick up from Cokreeate’s location. “Our nurses are in need of full face shields and face masks, and knowing that we are able to receive them locally helped us a lot,” said Dory Mangahis, CNA at Alhambra hospital. Christine De Guzman, PCU RN, said, “We are faced with limited allocated PPE to safely care for suspected PUI and positive COVID patients daily. We are grateful for the donations that we received from Cokreeate, and it is very comforting to know that we are being cared for by businesses like them in our efforts to stay protected as we continue to fight against COVID-19.”

To help support this, make a donation through GoFundMe by searching under Cokreeate, or via Venmo @Will-Cokreeate. For more information, contact 626-313-7885, or e-mail at sales@cokreeate.com. Follow them on social media at @cokreeate on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

“We thank and greatly appreciate all frontline and essential workers and those who supported through donations and volunteered to help us,” said the Cokreeate team.


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Jan 2022


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