Alhambra Police present active shooter training

From left: Corporal Corey Fukumoto, Lieutenant Tai Seki, Corporal Mark Vega, and Paul Wondries.

On Feb. 11, officers of the Alhambra Police Department presented training on what to do in the event of an active shooter incident. The presentation was given to the employees of Wondries Toyota at the request of Paul and Patty Wondries. Employees assembled during their lunch hour, and a box lunch was provided.

Three Alhambra Police Officers presented the hour-long training. They included Lt. Tai Seki, Cpl. Mark Vega, and Cpl. Corey Fukumoto. The presentation began with a listing of real active shooter incidents that have occurred in the country. Most of these incidents last for 10 – 15 minutes and occur every few months. Lieutenant Seki stressed the importance of being prepared for such a situation in a work place.

First of all, be prepared by being familiar with the environment. Know the escape routes, designate safe rooms, talk to co-workers about a preplanned response, gather emergency supplies in every room, identify ways to lock or barricade the area, and practice, practice, practice!

If a shooting should occur, know what information to give to the 911 operator when safe. They will want to know the location of the shooter(s), number of shooters, a description of the shooters, number and type of weapons involved, such as hand guns, shotguns, rifles, automatics. Also give the number of potential victims. Finally, be prepared to stay on the line as law enforcement prepares a response.

There are three main responses to an active shooter. Most important — run! This is why it is important to know the escape routes in advance. Secondly, if necessary, hide in an area out of the shooter’s view. Silence cellphones and remain silent, lock doors, and block entry to the hiding place. Turn of the lights and remain calm. Finally, if life is in danger, be prepared to fight.

Just as important is what to do when the shooting stops. Render first aid when necessary. Stay inside the secured location until law enforcement arrives, and keep hands visible until law enforcement clears the area.

For more information on what to do in the event of an active shooter, follow the advice at https://lasd.org/active-shooting.html.  


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Jun 2020


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