Sticking to New Year’s fitness goals

Trainer Arthur Zozaya creates workout program for member Ailene Sanchez.

There is a tradition across the country for people to begin each year with New Year‘s resolutions. Frequently, folks resolve to get into shape, eat healthy, and achieve their fitness goals. According to polls done by the Nielsen Consumer Survey, more than 35% of people had a New Year’s resolution involving personal fitness. Unfortunately, the resolve soon fades. According to the survey, 75% of those people also admitted they didn’t follow a fitness program.

To help more people meet their goals, the guilt-free, low-cost gyms of Planet Fitness are offering a New Year’s guide for achieving fitness goals. Here are their most helpful tips and sound advice.

First: Go to the nearest PF and ask for a tour. Never been to a Planet Fitness? Don't be afraid to ask for help; that's what their staff members are there for. They want to help but only if it is requested. A quick tour of the facility or even a demo of some of the machines can be extremely beneficial. For a deeper understanding of the state-of-the art fitness machines, sign up for Planet Fitness' free PE@PF program to become familiarized with the specialized equipment.

A dedicated Planet Fitness instructor can provide a demonstration so that people will feel comfortable with the great PF fitness machines. Once they know how to use the equipment, their gym experience will be much less stressful and more beneficial.

Second: Record fitness goals. Start to record fitness goals in a notebook or on the new Planet Fitness app. Use smaller, short-term milestones to help reach long-term goals. Begin to record and measure progress on a weekly or monthly basis. If a workout hasn’t happened in a while, don't worry about thinking too big. For instance, a short-term goal might be running three minutes on the treadmill without taking a break. This can help achieve an ultimate goal of running 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Recording workouts becomes a map to follow for ultimate fitness success. Take note of the type of exercise, duration, repetitions, and sets performed. Practice recoding them. Improvement will be seen as one works toward achieving first of the year resolutions.

Remember: Make fitness fun. Choose exercises that are enjoyable, which makes sticking to a plan easier. A plan won't mean anything unless it is enjoyed.

Finally: Celebrate the small stuff. In order to maintain motivation and reach personal goals, make sure to celebrate small accomplishments. When pushing through an additional minute on the elliptical, a new personal best has been reached.

Enjoy a well-deserved reward. Achieving fitness goals can work wonders mentally. Regular exercise is the doorway to a healthy lifestyle. As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

For information about joining Planet Fitness, contact the Alhambra Club at 626-576-8800. All Planet Fitness clubs are fully staffed 24/7, so they are always ready to help people get and stay fit.


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Oct 2020


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