CERT members sharpen skills

Over 20 of the members of the Alhambra CERT program got to practice the skills they learned in the initial CERT training class at the annual refresher training.

The Alhambra Fire Department recently conducted its annual fall CERT refresher training. CERT is the Alhambra Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team, a community-based program developed to help residents of the city prepare for disasters and to assist in response within the City of Alhambra following a major earthquake or local disaster. The refresher exercise was an opportunity for over 20 of the members of the Alhambra CERT program to come together and practice the skills they learned in the initial CERT training class.

The class consisted of hands-on exercises conducted at the Alhambra Fire Department Training Facility where many scenarios were given to the CERT participants. The scenarios were set up in six different locations throughout the training facility where CERTs were able to conduct light search and rescue operations, live fire extinguishing, heavy object lifting with hand tools, and patient triage and treatment.

CERT training is a comprehensive 21-hour training class designed to train individuals in disaster preparedness, utility control, light search and rescue, first aid, and fire suppression. The classes are completed in three-hour increments over a six-week period. The hands-on training prepares the CERT team members with the skills and ability to help themselves, family members, and neighbors.

The next CERT training, free of charge, begins March 3 for residents of Alhambra. The training will be from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays for six consecutive weeks at the Alhambra Fire Training Facility, 911 S. New Ave.

To register, please contact the Alhambra Fire Department CERT Recruitment at cert@alhambrafire.org.


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Sep 2020


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