Daisies meet to have fun, learn lessons in caring, sharing

Alhambra is now home to a newly formed group of Daisies, Troop #70634.

The Girl Scouts of America has programs for girls of all ages. For those from ages 5 to 7, there is the Daisy program. Daisies meet to have fun and learn lessons in caring, friendship, kindness, sharing, and more. Meetings can consist of coloring, crafts, and singing songs. They even venture out into the community to learn about helping others and community service.

Alhambra is now home to a newly formed group of Daisies. They are Troop #70634. Currently there are about 12 girls who participate and two adult leaders: Arlene Franco and Cortney Gomez. The Daisies meet two to three times a month and participate in fun activities.

“In a lesson about nature, the girls have done some light landscaping at the Audubon Center at Debs Park, they've filled bird feeders to help feed animals in nature, and they've taken a hike as a troop,” Ms. Franco said.

Recently, the girls collected or contributed toiletry items that were assembled into hygiene kits for the homeless. The girls took the kits to a local homeless shelter and delivered the items. Part of the day’s lesson was for them to learn what it means to be homeless and how organizations such as the shelter assist the homeless population.

During another field trip, the girls, dressed in their blue smock uniforms, visited the Alhambra Fire Department for their October pancake breakfast. While there, they enjoyed breakfast, took a tour of the fire house, and learned some fire safety tips. Some of the girls got to dress up in real fire safety gear (several sizes too big). Even more exciting, they each were given a new Barbie doll, which they cherished as only 6-year-olds can.

Also in October, the Alhambra Daisies participated in the Girl Scouts Fall Product Sale. They took orders for candy, chocolates, nuts, and magazine subscriptions. The money they raised will be put to use for fun activities throughout the year.

Daisy troop #70634 has only been around since April, but they have already made a positive impact on the girls and they are a welcome addition to the Alhambra scene.


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Jul 2020


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