Alhambra High Head Football Coach named 2019 LA Rams Coach of the Week

Named the 2019 Los Angeles Rams Coach of the Week, Alhambra High Head Football Coach Eric Bergstrom celebrates with his coaching staff and team after winning 35-6 over Wilson High, their fourth straight win of the season.

How does one top a 4-0 winning start to this year’s football season and a 35-6 Moor victory over Wilson High? If you are Alhambra High Head Football Coach Eric Bergstrom, you get named 2019 Los Angeles Rams Coach of the Week.

This recognition comes as no surprise to his coaching staff or the football team who celebrated the honor with Coach Bergstrom. On the field or off, the 6 foot 6 inch coach stands out on the AHS campus for more reasons than one. Famous for initiating High-Five Fridays at the high school, Coach Bergstrom’s relationship-building skills are legendary.

“When you create a morning ritual to greet students — and colleagues, for that matter — that connection grows and now you belong to a friendlier, more inclusive group,” said Coach Bergstrom. “Coaching is all about connecting with your players and your assistant coaches. Together we are bigger, stronger, and better problem-solvers than any one of us alone can be.”

“When your players know you believe in them, that you really see what they are capable of achieving, they surprise themselves by becoming their best selves — and sometimes you get a week like this one,” said a smiling Coach Bergstrom. “But win or lose, we are coaching character. On and off the field, character is the real secret to a successful life.”


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Jan 2022


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