Wondries Toyota bets big on Alhambra

The new Wondries Toyota building is all about the best-selling car brand in America, Toyota.


Drivers on Main Street west of Atlantic recently have seen the new Wondries Toyota building under construction between Marguerita and Electric Avenue. Even under construction it is an impressive building. The Hale Corporation is the building contractor. It has a track record of construction contracting on several impressive local buildings. According to the time table, people will start moving into the new Toyota building in late July.

The Wondries family has been in the car business in Alhambra for 70 years. In those early days, Bob Wondries sold Studebakers, but the business in Alhambra has expanded until today his son Paul Wondries owns the Toyota, Ford, and Kia, as well as other dealerships in the western United States.

The new Alhambra building is all about the best-selling car brand in America, Toyota. When it is complete, the structure will enclose 67,000 square feet of usable space. There will be a spacious waiting room with a service bar for coffee, soft drinks, and water for clients with cars under repair and 55 service bays to service and repair those cars.

In addition to servicing existing customers, there will be dedicated rooms for sales people and separate rooms for internet sales. There are spacious areas for housing parts and over half of the second floor is dedicated to parking new cars, secure from street locations.

Wondries Toyota is about to become an important sales and service destination in the western San Gabriel Valley.


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Nov 2021


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