PF 360 is total body workout.

Trainer Nadine Munoz shows staff member Frank Solano the PF 360.

Planet Fitness does not rest on its laurels. Sure we have state-of-the-art workout machines for cardio, endurance, and strengthening, but we don’t stop there. Determined to remain the top flight gym you expect, PF is always working to improve your gym experience.

If you are looking to mix up your workout and stay engaged, consider using our newest piece of workout equipment, the PF 360. The PF 360 was created for emerging fitness enthusiasts seeking an introduction to functional training and for experienced members cycling out of more complex programs.

The PF 360 is a confidence builder that can expand your fitness goals beyond just fundamental strength applications. If you put in the time, the PF 360 gets you up on your feet in functional movement patterns, while emphasizing proper alignment (always important), motion, stability, and control. Each unit is modular, the Swiss Army knife of workout machines. That means there are lots of options when using it to get the results you want.

The PF 360 features a variety of accessories for a complete workout. They include a step-up platform, a TRX suspension unit, a dip, medicine balls, kettle bells, suspension chin-ups, cables with attachments, monkey bars, and a battle rope. With the introduction of the PF 360, Planet Fitness is also offering three specific classes to help you make the most of the PF 360 workout. The three sessions have two circuit styles, each to ensure variety in the workout!

Burn class is designed to keep the heart rate up and burn calories. This class lasts for 30 minutes and involves high intensity (anaerobic) exercise. The goal is to get the heart rate up through circuit style training while providing a sustainable workout from your instructor.

Strength class is for those who are interested in building strength and power, focusing on sports- specific strength moves. This class follows a strength protocol and focuses on lower reps and heavier weight. The goal of this class is to work the core, while improving your flexibility.

Refresh class focuses on the total mind and body as you strengthen and lengthen your core. Refresh class is all about working on flexibility and creating long and lean muscles.

The circular, 360 degree, design is a concept created to cater to everyone, regardless of their fitness background and experience. If you have any questions regarding the newest equipment addition, feel free to contact the gym at 626-576-8800, or better yet, visit Planet Fitness at 610 E. Valley Blvd, Alhambra, where we are open and fully staffed 24/7. As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

Nov 2021


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