Crushing those Summer Fitness goals at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Manager George Siezar knows the importance of staying hydrated.



June is the beginning of beach season. People want to drastically change their fitness goals with hopes of achieving a perfect beach body. Setting a goal to be more active is great. No matter what your shape or size, you deserve to wear the swimsuit of your choice. Just understand that no one should feel pressured to look a certain way. We are all unique. Planet Fitness would like to share some tips to setting realistic fitness goals.

Create a routine

The start of summer is an opportunity to prepare for the sunny days ahead. Creating smart goals and matching them with appropriate rewards can help you get into a new or enhanced routine. Maybe you want to go to the gym four times a week or run a mile without stopping. Whatever your personal milestone, match it with something to look forward to — perhaps a new juicer or a colorful pair of kicks.

There is a wise saying that states: “There's strength in numbers.” Finding a friend who also enjoys fitness can help you learn and adhere to your routine. Even if you don't work out every day together, having someone to cheer you on and encourage you to keep going can make a huge difference in your attitude.

Cardio and weight training

Include both free weight and machine training in your routine. While you might prefer to use one method over the other, maximize the benefits by incorporating both forms of strength training into your workouts. Also, do some form of cardio. Cardio workouts build a different kind of cardiovascular endurance that will help increase your overall fitness and improve your ability to dash up a flight of stairs. Movements like burpees, stair-climbing, and jumping jacks can all be modified to match your fitness level. Beginners can reduce the jumping motion to a step-up movement and plank on their knees instead of their feet. Then build from there.


Balance your meal options. If you want to enjoy an appetizer before your entree, that's perfectly fine. If your entree doesn't have a lot of vegetables, order an appetizer that does. Or if your appetizer doesn't offer much protein, choose an entree that does. This allows you to enjoy a balanced meal. If you're looking to reduce the amount you eat in a single meal, consider ordering an appetizer as your main dish. They tend to be smaller than entrees. For a sugary dessert, order just one and enough spoons so everyone at your table can share.


According to the National Academy of Sciences, adult women should drink about 11 cups of water per day and men about 15 1/2 cups. That's a lot! Before you start chugging gallons of water, remember that these guidelines include all water consumed, including water in fruit and vegetables. Include leafy greens and fresh fruit and begin and end each meal with a cup of water and feel your hydration levels rise!


Your body needs rest as much as it needs activity. Give yourself time to recover after a string of workouts. Overstressing sore muscles can result in an injury. Constant stress on your body could compromise your immune system, putting you at risk for infection or illness. Be smart about your workout. Schedule a day off to help you avoid the doctor's office.

Enjoy your chosen workout in the judgement free zone of Planet Fitness.


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Apr 2021


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