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At Play Smarter Basketball camps, students learn basic fundamentals of basketball, such as shooting, passing, layups, dribbling, ball-handling, and all basic game moves.


Play Smarter Basketball conducts basketball classes in Southern California, predominantly in the San Gabriel Valley with locations in Temple City, San Gabriel, and Alhambra. Founded by Coach Richard Marquis, Play Smarter Basketball was established about 30 years ago to teach kids about the whos, whats, whys, whens, and hows of basketball.

At Play Smarter Basketball camps, students learn basic fundamentals of basketball, such as shooting, passing, lay ups, dribbling, ball-handling, and all basic game moves. They are placed in teams based on skill levels and age groups from 6 years old to high schoolers. Students can start at beginner’s level and increase their proficiency to a more advanced level. When students have exceeded and demonstrated higher developed skills, they are placed in the Cream of the Crop program where they have the opportunity to further their skills to becoming professional players.

“There is no one way to do it; all ways are encouraged,” Coach Marquis explained. “The objective of the games and competitions are for everyone to have fun. The most valuable player is recognized not based on the skills, but based on the effort performed.”

Coach Marquis had traveled to many countries as a player and a coach for over 60 years. He also contributed great achievements to some of the international basketball leagues in Asia, Europe, and the United States. He worked and built relationships with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Molten Basketball Company, which led him to organizing this basketball program. “In Play Smarter Basketball, we want the students to make steady progress and develop their own personal skills, while having a great time bonding with other teammates.” He said.

Play Smarter Basketball coaches and staff are qualified with credentials and were former basketball players who played for accredited local and national universities. “You can’t find more experienced coaches and staff,” Coach Marquis said. “Our staff and coaches are loyal and dedicated workers.”

Classes are organized with co-ed team players of 30 kids in each class and a minimum of three coaches per class. The program conducts training leagues at least three to four times a year and runs six to eight weeks. Training and classes are held in the indoor gymnasiums of the site locations at Nazarene ICON Church, Temple City; Emmaus Lutheran Church and School, Alhambra; and San Gabriel Academy, San Gabriel. Team arrangements are based on age and skill levels where they compete with other divisions from other PSB locations. Each team is categorized as Mini Division, Silver Division, and Gold Division. Competitions are held on weekends, sometimes on weekdays, and four times a year at each location.

For more information on classes, registration, and schedules, visit www.playsmarterbasketball.com.                          


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Oct 2021


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