Innovative technology for health offered at J & N’s Formula to Wellness

LifeWave is represented by Nickie Chan, left, and Julian Chung through their company J & N’s Formula to Wellness at 7 N. Fourth St.

For centuries, eastern medicine has known about the use and benefits of the body’s acupuncture points to stimulate health, reduce pain, and promote wellbeing. Today, the LifeWave Company has made a major breakthrough in this ancient practice. The company has developed a series of patches that, when applied to the skin at acupressure points, promote the health benefits of acupuncture, without drugs, while eliminating the need for using the needles traditionally associated with acupuncture.

In Alhambra, LifeWave is represented by Nickie Chan and Julian Chung through their company J & N’s Formula to Wellness at 7 N. Fourth St. Ms. Chan is proud that their mission, “is to promote the highest standard of health and well-being with application of a new and innovative technology that is changing the lives of many of our clients.”

Both women are active in the community. Volunteering for the Chamber of Commerce, Nickie has served as an Ambassador president and is a Chamber board member. Julian has also been an Ambassador and is now the membership liaison for the Chamber.

They are not alone. LifeWave’s non-drug, non-transdermal patch technology is being used successively by many health care practitioners, celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes, and average people in over 110 countries. Further, it has the research of more than 70 clinical studies to back it up. The patches provide health benefits that could potentially provide a better and healthier lifestyle for those who use them.

“Alhambra’s LifeWave is able to help you revitalize your own natural energy, get a restful night’s sleep, alleviate body pains, protect your body from harmful radiation, and even turn back time with their patented nanotechnology that specializes in anti-aging benefits,” Nickie and Julian pointed out.

In January 2019, LifeWave introduced a new patch called X-39. It is a 3rd Generation Technology patch designed to elevate a peptide known to activate stem cells in the body without injections. You can check out this revolutionary new patch and all the different LifeWave patches at https://www.lifewavesuccess.com/ANewWayOfThinking/.

The benefits of X-39 are increased energy, improved quality of sleep, dramatic pain relief, wrinkle reduction (activating stem cells leads to an increased collagen in the skin, which decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles), improved sports performance and increased recovery after exercise, scar reduction, and dramatic wound healing.

 Don’t hesitate to ask Nickie and Julian about why and how to get involved in LifeWave. For additional information regarding LifeWave products and how to use them, call Nickie and Julian at 626-616-0669.


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Jul 2019


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