Enjoy Ensenada style fast food at Baja Cali

By Jewelyn Co

Charlie gets a made-to-order carne asada burrito ready.

With two locations in Alhambra, Baja Cali brings the taste of Ensenada, Baja California, to the city. It first opened at 2001 W. Valley Blvd. in March 2017, and then opened its third location at 31 E. Main St. in November of the same year.

Jaime’s business knowledge and Lorena’s restaurant experience gave these two business partners the faith to open a restaurant that serves traditional Baja California style fast foods. Locally known for the 99-cent battered fish tacos on Tuesdays, and 99-cent any meat tacos on Thursdays, Baja Cali expanded to open five other locations in Alhambra, Pasadena, West Covina, and Long Beach.

“Our goal is to open 20 other locations,” said Marketing Manager Norelle Wiltz. “We want our customers to experience Ensenada style foods and enjoy a meal for under $10. Our foods are made to order all the time, and we have fresh food so great it’s worth the wait.”

The diverse menu offers tacos, soups, nachos, seafood cocktails, burritos, tostadas, and even chicken nuggets for the kids.

“Not too many restaurants offer free kids meal, and my kids, Isabella and Joaquin, are very picky eaters, but they finished their meals,” said diner Alex Garcia.

Whether grilled or battered, the fish tacos are filled with fresh fish, topped with cabbage, tomatoes, cream, and special house sauce. Choices of meats from carne asada, pollo, carnitas, and al pastor are amazing as tacos or burritos and paired with refreshing aguas frescas.Barbacoa tacos, choice of soft or hard shell, have shredded beef drizzled with sauce. Meat tortas are packed with beans, lettuce, avocado, salsa, pico de gallo, and crema. The ceviches, tostadas, and cocktails are made with fresh seafood and hand-cut ingredients. Burritos are largely packed with mouthwatering ingredients and spices. The self-serve condiment bar is stocked with seasoned yellow peppers, pickled carrots and onions, limes, and fresh radishes.

Baja Cali gives back to the community and offers fundraising opportunities. To show great appreciation, they provide free meals for military service men and women in uniform, and firefighters and law enforcement receive 50% off their orders.

Firefighters Captain Larry Ramirez, Engineer Jorge Ruiz, and Orlando Miranda enjoy Baja Cali.

“Every bite has a delicious flavor, and everything new we try is good,” they all agreed. “They have the best service, and their employees are always very accommodating and nice.”

Healthy options are available, and a vegan menu will be included in the future. Baja Cali offers catering on site and pick up service. Deliveries will be coming soon. Follow Baja Cali on Social Media @bajacalifishandtacos, and sign up for their promotions such as VIP rewards. Visit www.bajacalifishandtacos.com for more information.


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