Alhambra School District school bond updates: Thousands of bond-funded laptops, desktops, and Google Chromebooks are readied for students and classrooms

Teams of vendors and Alhambra Unified School District Technology and Information Services staff work together to assemble and configure thousands of laptops destined for Alhambra students across the district. Also rolling out to students and classrooms are desktops and Chromebooks. Photo by Liezel Gutierrez.

 In advance of Alhambra Unified’s school bond first phase of project development, which begins early 2019 through 2022, thousands of bond-funded laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks are being readied for students and classrooms across the district.

In order to have the technology equipment in student hands right away, the purchases were authorized by a Board of Education resolution to allow them to be repaid when the first series of bond funds are issued with monies expected to be available in the Alhambra School District treasury in November. Over the next three years, $30 million for elementary schools and $25 million for high schools will be spent on bond-financed equipment and building upgrades.

While the students are soon getting new tech equipment, at the district’s 20 school sites — including the early education preschool, 13 elementary schools, five high schools and the campus for transitional program for young adults with special needs — the construction team is working behind-the-scenes to prepare the buildings for the new safety and security features identified as most necessary in the Master Plan Needs Assessment by community stakeholders. The goal is to build the infrastructure to support all the additional technology. These vital preliminary projects include such essentials as rewiring, plumbing, HVAC, and air and water quality improvements.

George Murray, Alhambra School District assistant superintendent, facilities, and planning development, said, “Over the next three years, all school sites will get new or enhanced security and safety features, which include public address systems, fire alarms, and security cameras. These items have already been approved by the Board of Education.”

To keep the school district community updated on the progress of 2019-22 bond-funded projects across 20 school sites and to show how each campus is benefiting from the bond improvements, Mr. Murray and his team are also working on a special website to allow anyone to access their school site to learn details and the timeline for their particular bond-funded projects. Mr. Murray expects the bond project update website to be live by early 2019.

This is a first in a series of Alhambra Unified School District school bond updates.


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Jan 2022


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