Tastea of Alhambra offers healthy smoothies, tea drinks

By Jewelyn Co

Owner Jose Cervantes and Amy Ung, staff.

The San Gabriel Valley is well known for its wide variety of trendy tea houses and tea bars serving grand selections of flavored teas, coffees, slushies, and other refreshing drinks with delightful toppings, such as tapioca pearls, mostly known as boba/bubble. Tastea, 349 E. Main St., Suite 104, Alhambra, offers innovative, healthy, and delicious smoothie and tea drinks. Established in 2001, Tastea was started with the idea of a fun place where people could gather and enjoy refreshing drinks.With eight locations in California, Tastea continues to expand its multiple franchise chains throughout the nation.

After 25 years of working in the retail industry, Jose Cervantes, along with his brother Joaquin, formed a partnership and bought a franchise of Tastea Fresh Smoothies and Teas and opened in July.

“Alhambra is the perfect location,” Jose said. “It is in between our commute. We like the spacious parking lot and active businesses in the area. We wanted to start this business because it is very popular, and we thought it would be a good business to do. It is Tastea’s objective to provide the best quality of customer service and for customers to have a spectacular experience while enjoying a great place for social interaction.”

With more than 50 items of specialty drinks and snacks on the menu, there are plenty of flavors from fruity to really sweet. The sweetness level can be adjusted according to individual preferences.

“We have innovative drinks, and we encourage our staff to think of new flavors to add to our menu,” said Jose. “We like to change our drink flavors every season so customers won’t be tired of the same flavors all the time.”

Select drink sizes from 20 oz. to 30 oz. cups, or even get a Partea jug for larger parties to share. Any choice of tea and coffee drinks can be made hot: perfect for cold weather. Drinks such as Peach Me Sweet Tea, Bootea Shaker, matcha Thai milk tea, and jasmine milk tea are top favorites. Made with thick and creamy blends of real fruits, the smoothies are best for healthier choices. Customized drinks can be made with add-ons, such as the classic honey boba, egg pudding, fresh fruit bits, and jellies. Side snacks, such as the fresh cut and battered Buttload'a Fries, all white meat popcorn Karate Chicken, and the hand battered and seasoned juicy Shrimp on It!, are great for sharing and can be paired with any drinks.

“The food is excellent, and the portions are shareable,” said customer Armando Mora. “It is good food for your money.”

Follow Tastea on social media @drinktastea, and visit their site at www.gotastea.com.


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Apr 2021


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